Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mind You...

It's not that I've been cranky, but certainly powerless.

Dad went into the hospital before a long weekend in Japan, and ended up staying in the ICU for a week because he couldn't breath.  He's abandoned his lifelong creed that healthy (or ill) body comes from healthy (or ill) mind, and has switched to "pity me" mode this week. Mom is still holding on to the family tradition; we make light of ill health. I'm constantly trying to gauge where the truth lies. 

We've had strong spring sea wind and our chimney became either skewed or loose; last week when we had very heavy rain, we actually had a leak; pot sitting on top of the wood burner, and us listening to the drip-drop while watching the telly.  I was reminded of my parents' previous home where terracotta used to get shifted or blown away in typhoons some years and containers were placed all over upstairs and we fell asleep listening to the drip-drops in autumn typhoon season.  Though I've been in touch with my chimney guy, he's so busy I may not be able to get him before we leave. Meanwhile, we continue to have heavy rain every three or so days.

My problems are trivial compared to real problems folks have.  But sometimes my life plays out to me like a bad play - lots of little trials without much tribulations or redeeming denumount - yet not terrible enough one can recall how bad it was.  Forgettable.  My life and goals have gotten smaller. 

I was right to see a doctor yesterday, even though my regular guy is away, and even though I wondered if I was being a bit alarmist.  I think the locum was right in getting me back on mild meds, at least for the next short while. Life of a weaver in Nelson has got to be a bit more exciting, you know. Even with two tennis elbows.


  1. Meg, sending you happy vibes and wishes for speedy healing for both you and your father.

  2. Me too, hope you're both well soon. When are you leaving for Japan? Hugs.

  3. Thanks, Connie. In 10 days.

    Update: I get on depression medication only when hey fever season kicks in and I can't drink St John's Wort tea any more. Got that sorted today; my dosage is so small I have this pill-splitting device, which makes me feel a bit like a drug dealer.

    Major dental surgery doesn't have to happen next year, and first alternative dentist proposed an alternative that sounds so sane to me. So I'm back to the usual insane money worries, not the laugh-out-loud, bent-in-half denial, as of today.

    So I went and spent a lot of money on new underwear for both of us!! Don't want to be in a plane crash with old underwear, you know.

  4. Hi Meg, hope things turn up good for you soon. I hadn't seen you over my way for a wee while and was a bit worried. Sorry to hear your father's unwell and about your health and money worries. Of course, we all have money worries but it's no fun being unwell or having sore bits.

    Get better soon.

    Your friendly internet neighbour


  5. Hey, Andy, I have seen your color warp pics - just haven't sat down to read texts, (not just yours!) or collect thought long enough to comment. But all will be good.

    What I can't get over is how the preparation is never in proportion to the length of time we're away - I mean, this is not going to be a long holiday. :-<<<<<

  6. No worries Meg, just thought I'd pop my head in. I've hardly been putting up screeds anyway, not with this phone. And only got one warp woven so far this month. One near threaded and the other one just tied on and waiting to be threaded. So more on my plate than's sensible at the moment. I'm the same at chinese restaraunts. the problem with buffets is the same problem with having access to a huge yarn store. your appetite is larger than your hands can work.

    As far as trips go, I avoid them these days, I've had a few dreadful trips this last year, including being caught out on the street all night in sub zero temperatures because this country is completely unaccustomed to severe winter weather and the whole transport network got thrown into complete chaos, causing everyone to get delayed and the famous british queueing instinct to completely evaporate in a manner of hours. These days my "long-travelling-in-winter" rule is this: "only if there's a war on and I'm trying to avoid it"

  7. Oh, brrrrr.... Thanks for staying alive!!

  8. My mother and I often note that our lives are the "lots of little trials" kind. My mother's health, in particular, is marked by what we describe as "unpleasant, unglamorous, non-fatal conditions" which are ghastly to live with but evoke no gasps of sympathy in the way certain well-publicised diseases do! I hope your Dad's health troubles are transient and that his healthy mind attitude will reappear.

  9. "Unpleasant, unglamorous, non-fatal conditions" - you brought a big grin on my face, Cally. And I think this applies to a lot of folks over a certain age. It's not fun getting older, and I do dread the passing of time now.


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