Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The reasons I blog have changed over the years; a main one recently has been because I can't remember what I do.  I have indulged in my compulsion to share, as if parts of my life will disappear, as if they never took place, unless recorded here.  (And for mild-to-moderate depression, it's good therapy.) 

About two weeks ago I knew my arms were much worse, and when the physiotherapist confirm it on my fourth appointment, I finally started to take the matter seriously.  I accepted I won't be weaving until I get back from Japan, I won't be able to ready the garden for spring, and most urgently, I shouldn't be typing.  It helped (!) that I was in sufficient amount of pain so I had to slow down, and I concentrated on things I could do with less muscle movements.  And the exercises she'd given me.

Planning/designing projects has been one, (though nothing I can show you yet); reading has been another, (separate post); and I finally got around to tidying the bookshelf in my stash room.  It took six hours during a torrential and thunderous Monday, but I feel as if I shed a few lawyers of old skin, and I'm ready to move on. No books were harmed in the process, but some were downgraded to the study bookshelf, while others were upgraded to the stash room.  Three tall piles under the bed have disappeared and are placed in the appropriate areas of the stash room bookshelf.

I feels defragged!

I hadn't intended to go cold turkey on the blog, but that's how it happened, and I learned after about a week I wasn't too concerned about my blogging "duties"; nice to know I didn't take my life that seriously.  But I've a few things to report, all in due course.


  1. Glad there's another person out there that has piles of books and loved hearing about your book defragging, something that needs to be done around here. Some of my piles of books are leaving the house, though. I know in my heart that, like you, I will feel like I've shed a few layers of skin, but it hasn't made me do the purge yet. Soon!

  2. I've been slowly purging for a few years, Sherri, once on a big scale about 2.5 years ago, but I've managed to fill in the blanks. I have become a bit more discerning about books and magazines, thanks in part to a reduction in income, and I don't feel compelled to keep photos, clippings and the like "just in case". No doubt I will start another period of saving different kinds of material, but that's good. I can defrag in another few years. And I know more textile people, and some books and mags have been adopted by them.

    Good luck with yours!

  3. I like your reasons for blogging. I always read your blog and it makes me smile, because you sound like me. Hoarding books and using your hands although you shouldn't.
    I do hope your hands heal quickly,

  4. Hannah, how sweet. I've been thinking about you while I was preparing my next post, wearing my own cotton pieces around town. I really must improve on the hand of those pieces...

  5. It's always lovely to hear from you, but we're not going to beat you up whenever you need a quiet spell. Glad that you have had a chance to rest - not so glad about the pain though. I hope it's a bit better now.

  6. I'm finally getting that the pain is in proportion to the amount I do her exercises, and how else I behave. In other words, yes, my fault...


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