Oh, Crap!

I am confident of my cashmere, merino and merino-mix pieces' heavenly hand, but I was never satisfied with my cotton pieces' hand, and once in a while I take them out for walks.
Because I wanted to avoid staying home where weaving and other tasks tempt me, I walked around town a bit on two Tuesdays in a row.  There were Rugby World Cup-related events in town and quite fun for people-watching.  

Far left and middle pieces have 2/20 cottons in the warp at 36EPI, but the far left has 2/60 cotton in the weft, the middle has 2/20 cotton in the weft.  The far left is woven more loosely, while I tend to pack in the weft in the middle. 

The far right piece has 2/60 cotton in the warp and the weft, at 140EPI, and much more relaxed pick. 

The far left piece has a nice-ish hand, a little "unreliable", but tolerably soft.  If you are wearing overly dangly earrings, I wouldn't recommend you wear this scarf.  The warp colors are dominant and the weft gives a slight hint of another hue, more noticeable when I had a series of them next to each other.

The middle is, yes, my absolute fav style to weave.  It feels coarse and yucky.  The scarf often gets vertical, warp-wise creases, with which you're stuck for the rest of the day.  It's a good fabric, but not a nice scarf, unless you wear it under the collar of a jacket or a coat, have good posture, and aren't lugging around heavy backpacks.  I think a wider shawl, say 90cms, might work; otherwise, I have to investigate how to improve on the hand.  As is, at 6-inches wide and around 150-180cm long, it doesn't work for a person of my shape, posture and lifestyle. 


The far right, if you remember, was meant to be woven at around 90-96EPI, but was accidentally woven 160EPI.  (Wrong reed; couldn't be bothered to resley.) This piece feels like a light raincoat fabric, and gets more vertical creases than you care to observe.  Much sampling needed.  But then I don't weave with 2/60 in the warp that often, so not urgent.

This piece had 2/20 cotton in the warp at 36EPI, and 2/20 as pattern and 2/60 as tabby/holding (can't remember the right word just now) weft.  Because this piece was unexpectedly short, it doesn't really compare with the others, but does feel much nicer than the middle piece. 

I'm very disappointed my most fav style turned out to be.... (in unison)... crap.

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