Friday, July 4, 2014


“I am constantly surprised when a person pops out of a sheet of paper – that I brought that ‘person’ to life.” Meg

"The myriad of ways this can be expressed, by all who are willing to give it a go, has inspired this show. This exhibition is a collection of these from Figure Drawing Classes that we have attended.

"There is a never ending source of expression – often in a serendipitous manner when the energy of the model, spontaneous media and implements and the moment in time captured by good “lookers”, comes together.

"These impressions/expressions are both retrospective and a coming of age for the three of us as we reflect on past drawings, these moments in time, and as we use these to move forwards in our own artistic and independent directions."
by Annabelle Laing; she also wrote the exhibition blurb.
by Sam Jensen; she's done all the running-around work.
by Yours Truly, admin, and my bio reads:

"Gesture drawing is a truly wonderful way to capture a moment. As a child I was taught to dissect complex problems into orderly/manageable steps, but gesture drawing requires I forego all that, so when I end up with an awesome drawing, the joy is elemental.

"Rodin’s Indonesian Cambodian Dancers are among my favorite figures."

It's really happening because I read it in the paper. I hope Sam and Annabelle are as excited. It's going to be a fun exhibition
We got the gallery early so we do half the install tomorrow. I finished my fourth woven piece yesterday but all woven pieces need to be cut to size and framed with Ben's help in the morning. Better go to bed early tonight.


  1. Love seeing that photo of you in the paper!! Hope it's a great show!

  2. Congratulations! Wish I could see the show in person...

  3. Thank you, ladies. Ready to resume work during Brazil vs Colombia this morning. Coffee brewing, sourdough in the toaster, it's the back of the Ninth!

  4. Nice (and lot of) work !

    I think that these Rodin dancers are Cambodian, in fact, not Indonesian ...

  5. Of course they are, Donna, and I'm sure glad you caught me before I put that on the wall. Indonesia has been on my mind since we had visitors from the Malaysian part of Borneo, because until very recently I thought all of Borneo was Indonesia. Now I wonder where our Sumatran coffee comes from - Brunei??

  6. Meg, i shall go back to Indonesia on july, 20th...(hope to see these double ikat this time, in Tenganan, a Bali-aga village) and i do like these Rodin dancers a lot !

    Have you seen that I met a new zealander artist in the village ? (In my Urban sketcher post ).

    A small small world :-)

  7. I did. Was that in your village? Small world, indeed!

  8. Yes, Saint-Antonin (just 5 km from my place);

    when he is back in NZ, and your exhibition is over, you may ask him to show you his drawings and paintings here...
    He was very kind and patient to me !

  9. Unfortunately he lives in Auckland, and even though we are un petit petit petit pays, it's an hour and a half just for the flight, so maybe not so soon.


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