Monday, July 21, 2014

Not Ready for Prime Time Weaver

I took this picture this afternoon because I wanted to say I love doing weaverly things. I was happy, doing things I was meant to do. Except sometimes, or more often than some times, experience, and words, fail me.
I suspected I might not have enough of the mid-blue for the middle stripe seen in yesterday's post, so I had a dull yellow for standby. It turned out I didn't have enough for the two narrow stripes on the sides, but also not enough gray also, so I had to readjust and vary the width of the stripes a bit. 

The colors are nice, though.
But I was using all new bobbins for this lot, so I never even stopped to think. Well, yeah, heck. I ran out of the palest by 12 ends, so I had to rejig these babies, too. Yikes. I'd forgotten how short one of these Swedish cottolin bobbins are compared to, well, 1kg of my skinny cottons or soft cashmeres.

I'm not sure if I'll modify the threading as well or just the width of the stripes, but I felt so incompetent. Careless. Stupid. But what bothers me the most is that I think I can wing this. Don't I strive for perfection any more? 

The brown warp is evocative of either the 1970's kitchen, (remember the choice of Harvest Gold, Avocado Green or Brown?) or it's Milk Choc, Mocha, Butterscotch & Meringue; I can't decide, but it's very brown.

And I still have to weave the gray warp before I can put these on the loom.


  1. Perfection is a human construct that has little to do with reality. Leonard Cohen says that everything has a crack in it, it's how the light gets in. Go with the illumination!

  2. Oh, I am ever so old-fashioned in that respect, Laura, I want my stuff to look like it was mill-woven. At least some of the time. I can only remember one or two things at a time, ergo the many different lists, and it would be nice to be able to remember a few things when I plan a warp, at least not be so reckless. My "usual" yarns, I have plenty of so I never run out of them, but I tend to hold a casual optimism when it comes to my occasional stuff.


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