Go Figure

Welcome to our show.
This is what you see as you walk into our gallery. The three drawings in the right, the blue wash, the white lady on black, and my square guy, were in the newspaper article. The pale line on white paper next to my square guy, and further right, halfway down, on the brown paper, were two of three used in our poster. Center top, the curvy lady on gray is the piece which sold before the show started.
Turning clockwise, this is our big wall, and there among others is the face, the third piece used in our poster.
Again turning clockwise are more drawings, our newspaper article on the wooden stand, and price list in the brochure rack. Our drawings are very affordable. :-) Vicky will put our poster on the other side of the plinth.
Moving to the right is Annabell's wall. She enjoys different mark making and relates her drawing/painting with her other calling, music: "Live musical moments and drawing performance can have a similar 'explosive' outcome. There can be an exquisite lyricism to both – the moment passes with live music but remains on paper/canvas."
Turning clockwise we have Sam's wall. She writes: "Colour is exciting to use in the way it gives an emotion to the image and a mood to the scene... In the larger painted works, colour and its application let me create a story about the image."
Turning clockwise once again we come to mine. Unlike in class, where I reach for the biggest papers available, my pieces are among the smallest in our exhibition.
And right again and we are back to what we now call our Women Cave. Please have a seat and another look if you have the time.

While I was pestering Vicky about the final touches regarding labels and blurbs, Sam and Annabelle were being interviewed at the local radio station. I'll post a link to the podcast when it becomes available next week.

We sincerely thank the tireless and abandon support from Roger and Vicky Thorn of Refinery ArtSpace Gallery. And we thank you for visiting our exhibition.
Annabelle Laing, the weaver, and Sam Jensen

EXTRA: if this picture weren't so funny, I wouldn't admit to being in this next one, let alone of its existence. We were completely exhausted Sunday night, but also elated we finally finished. And after observing many models and gazillion drawings, I was dismayed to see photographic proof I have no neck!
Go Figure does Grassy Knoll


Meg said...

I love these girls but I sure am glad we're done "working towards" the exhibition so I can stop bossing them around. I was really, seriously, super bossy and rude towards the end so we can meet deadlines and deliver with admin stuff. We can now go back to being friends. :-)

mmhaber said...

Beautiful exhibit, Meg. Wish I could visit NZ and see these figures up close.

Cally said...

It looks fabulous, Meg. I love the walls covered in drawings - bet I would spend hours there if I were lucky enough to visit.

Cate Rose said...

What a great exhibition! Love that first photo of you three -- I've saved it, so I have a good photo of YOU, my dear!

Sandra Rude said...

The show looks wonderful. Wish I could see it in person!

Meg said...

Thank you, everybody. A few people who have popped in spent longer than I expected at the busy end of the room which gives me pleasure. Now I wonder if it's' taken the shine off the individual walls, but as an exhibition, as a whole, we are mightily pleased.

Seth said...

This exhibition looks spectacular. Congratulations!

Meg said...

It was a fun little show, Seth, but as you know, a lot of work. With watercolor, yikes. Thanks.

Maureen said...

I'm glad to see this post about your exhibit. It looks wonderful and I get why you're glad it's over! Putting on a show of this scope -- including making all of the artwork -- can be exhausting while also fulfilling. Congrats on this accomplishment.
Wish I could see your drawings better. My old eyes ... ;-)