Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven...

I leave for Australia next Wednesday.

I culled my collage material. I still think I have too much, but I don't want to edit so much as to restrict my choices, so I may go though them once more, or not, but I'm good on all other supplies. Plus, I found a fabulous art supply shop in Brisbane, within Australian Big City walking distance from my accommodation, so perhaps fewer hours at the galleries and foregoing the heavenly bookshop I found not one block down from my accommodation last trip at 5.30 the night before I left may be in order. The area near the art supply shop seems to be a Bohemian/artsy part of Brisbane, so I'm sure there are other interesting places, meaning I need be mindful of time management.

I wished I had another day there, but I always forget it takes seven hours' travel time from Nelson to Brisbane including two hours in Christchurch. Not that I'm complaining; it is still much closer than most other cities in the world.

What's left is the general packing, but I do these fine at the last minute. I even remembered to put some of my weaving and samples on the pile for brainstorming with Kaz and Sampling
I made some postcards yesterday using cards I prepared for the drawing exhibition but didn't use because I went the finger-painting way.

Weeding, (spring has come much too early this year, daffodils already flowering in places, and I still have two bags of garlic to put in, among my issues,) and weaving, (not even towels as gifts,) are on my mind, but today, I may make a laptop sleeve using one of my very old warp end cloths. 


  1. Hey Meg, I love your postcards. Wonderful colours. Just for once I am so relieved not to be trying to pack 23kg for travelling. I can fill my car with my "stuff" and of course, you and your luggage. If there's anything I can get for you, let me know. I'm really looking forward to our time on Lake Macquarie.
    I planted my garlic about a month ago and it has sprouted, up a couple of inches. Yesterday I planted the last of my bulbs, only 4 months late but hopefully most of them will come up. Very warm here at the moment, 25 today but a cold spell is coming. I'm hoping that will be over by the time you arrive here and we have some lovely weather.

  2. We are of course recommended to plant garlic on the shortest day, but at my place, shady and sometimes prone to frost, I've found sometime in August or early September has been the best. But that's watching the weather and the peculiarities of our season close and if my meager experience is anything to go by, this year, it would have been this week. Yikes.

    I think I'm good with my packing now I'm really taking tolerable minimum, so not bare minimum, and hoping to pick up bits once in Oz.

  3. LOVE those postcards! Have a great trip.

  4. Ah, now I am starting to feel envious... I could really have done with a weavers get together this year! You will have to bond on behalf of us stay-at-homes.

  5. Yes, I'm looking forward to some real concentrated popwow over several nights. Life doesn't get much better, does it? I'm already imagining six or nine months before the fruit of the discussions start to show up on the loom.


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