Sunday, October 12, 2014

An Idea

An online photo exhibition. With a weaving twist, of course.

1) We weave. Or dig up something we wove.
2) We take delicious, "styled" photos of our weaving.
3) We post the photos on our blogs.
4) We put links here, (and on your blog if you like,) for a virtual exhibition, with an emphasis on the photographic quality/skills. Which means we could potentially photograph samples or cloths originally intended to be made into something, or an old piece now worn or disintegrating, as long as the photo is new and lovely. We are talking about magazine/advertising-like photos. 
5) Tentatively maximum of six photos per blog? Or do we need a limit? For me it's good to have a limit so I edit, and I like the number three but it feels a tad low for this one. Six could be six different woven pieces, three pics of two woven pieces, six of one, or any other combination.
6) Tentatively mid November due, after Diwali, before the American Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas madness? (Sorry, I don't know many other major holidays; anything else big and busy around this time?) This gives us roughly a month.
7) The all important name. "Foto Folly" came to mind, but I don't like "Foto" and the first definition of "Folly" I found was "lack of good sense; foolishness" while we are going to be dead serious about the photo shoots. "Pic(s)-Nic(k)" didn't work, either.

Can I interest anyone?  Please leave comments/suggestions/questions here. Comments mean you hope to take part but it is not a pound-of-flesh commitment at this stage; if you don't comment now but would like to take part later, there is absolutely no problem as long as you can meet the due date to be advised later.

EDIT: Also consider good-quality selfies such as these by Kaz. You may need a tripod and a timer, but I have taken pics with books stacked on tables under the camera, so it can be done. 

EDIT: Blogger has been losing comments again. (Four of mine at once?!) So if yours gets lost, too, please email me.


  1. Oh, wonderful, wonderful. Thank you, Kaz. Curiously, (hee hee,) I was thinking last night of some of the most memorable pictures I've seen on weaving blogs, and I was thinking of these:, but decided not to mention them as these were not taken by you, I assume, and so if I included them, this won't be an experience for blogging weavers. But I still love these.

  2. Actually Meg I did take the photos on a timed photo because normally Dave doesn't have the patience to take such photos of me! Although to be fair he has taken some.

  3. I am impressed! This changes EVERYTHING

  4. Thank you, Margery. I just kept updating this page until I saw your name. :-)

  5. Fudging the date is fine, Laura. When you draft the post, please let me know when you've set the date/time to, and I'll come to your blog later and pick up the link, for example.

  6. Oh, dear, Laura Fry, I'm so sorry, I wanted to delete my short reply in preference to the one above and by mistake deleted yours. But fudging is still doable!

  7. No worries - I've done that myself! :)

  8. Ben's first idea: Film Strip.


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