Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Day in the Life of Looms 2015

Happy 2015. Let this be another colorful, luxurious, even-tensioned, clean-selvedged year to us all.
Rigid heddle, circa 1995; she had one outing for a bag fabric in 2004.
 Ex-Nelson Polytechnic Weaving School sample loom; she had the same warp since mid-2010 mainly because of bad access in the crowded stash room, but the warp and the structure, Summer and Winter, have been on my mind.
16-shaft Klik, circa 2000; she has a semi-permanent cotton sampling warp and 
has been a supportive collaborator when I've felt experimental.
Ex-Nelson Polytecnic Naggi four-shaft jack, named Jack, circa 1975; 
he's had plenty of workout in 2014.
Retrofit 16-shaft computer-controlled Thorp, a. k. a. Mac, age unknown but probably the 1990's; along with the car-stereo-turned-workshop-sound-system and Joe Cooker CD, my trusted colleague.

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Thank you, participants and visitors alike, for a whopper of a Looomsday.
This initiative has now closed. Thanks again.


  1. LOL. I kept mumbling about my new camera not having a macro setting when that's the purpose of getting this baby; then Ben pointed silently to the side of the camera. OOOOOOOOOOH, so not the knob at the top!! I also noticed cords had fallen off the groove on the gear on two looms; Too lazy to reshoot. Now I tidy my stash room - what a glorious way to start the year.

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  7. A Happy New Year to all weavers!

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  9. What fun! Here is my contribution.

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  12. Yesterday, Jan 1 here, I checked my emails every 15 min or so for about 8 hours. This morning I woke up and my inbox was overflowing. (Well, as overflowing as my inbox gets.) Thanks everyone, it's a great tour! (Still time left.)

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  15. My post is on FB - Lynn Jones, Victoria B.C. Happy New Year!!!

  16. Wow, so many looms, so many weavers! Fantastic.

  17. Happy New Year~ Here is my recent blog post with what's on my loom… It's the 2nd post down...
    Can’t wait to see what everyone is up to…


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