When Second is Better than First

I had hoped to make a draft somehow resembling pohutukawa flowers, lines radiating from the center of circles. While working on the computer, Antiques Roadshow UK was on, and though I wasn't exactly watching, I now see which item caught my attention: a set of gold-plated Victorian (?) faux Greek jewelry. Apparently folks liked dressing up back then. Said item was a set of two earrings (?) and a bigger pendant-head-like item that could have been worn on the forehead (??). The draft also reminds me of black and white photos of reconstructed artifacts, coins and seals I used to pour over as a kid.
I like it, but they are no pohutukawas, and I'll have to forego names like "Kaiteriteri" and "Marahau", but that's OK. I wanted to weave almost all of this piece but I wove quite a bit yesterday and my body was thinking of complaining, so I took it easy today. But I took this feel good pic.


  1. Woh, empty cones. Look forward to seeing the jewelry piece finished.

  2. LOVE the pink weft. But bubble wrap on your back beam? How does that work for you?

  3. Dianne, aren't they a sight for sore weavers' souls? They're not all recent, but the last, ummm.... year or so. I've been dipping into balls and skeins and I lament there's nothing to show for after using them up.

    Margery, I use bubble wraps, corrugated card boards, form sheets, (no idea where I got this but I have one and it's fantastic - compressed plastic-y sheet of foam with outsides coated so they're not sponge-y,) sticks, old window blind slats, cardboard, or thick calendar paper, depending on the warp and the loom, and what I've got. I'd love to have more of these foam sheets but so far I can't source them; if I had them, I may not need anything else. The navy is a recycled cashmere warp - new cashmere yarns, but this bunch I didn't use in another, much wider project, and it had no cross and the length were variable, so I had to wind twice rather slowly and carefully as cashmere tends to break easily. Ergo the bubble wrap.

  4. I use brown wrapping paper or corrugated cardboard. I've always been afraid to try bubble wrap because if it popped, it would startle me!

  5. I can tell you that in my experience, I've never heard it pop, although that may not mean it never has. LOL.


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