Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What's My Angle?

Insomnia talking..


  1. Those are both very nice - energetic and exciting. They'll look great woven!

  2. Sandra, I have a lovely thin merino going on the loom next - estimated at 48EPI but possibly closer. A new-to-me yarn. I've done something like the one on the right at 42EPI so I can guess at the scale of the design, but I'd be disappointed if I have to resley and then "lose" the design... And I don't want to rethread 572 ends. Ah, well...

  3. Is this a 16 shaft pattern? I love it. Will it be in black & white as shown? I think that enhances its look. But then, I haven't seen a color mock up, so I could be wrong

  4. Yes, it's 16 but a simpler version can be done in 8, or whatever. It's a modified version of something I did about a year ago, and the first warp will be dark-mid gray with variously rusty yellows OR pale cold blues in the weft. I think. But that's just the plan. I now have to thread it. Yikes.

  5. Peg, I thought I posted on these schemes that can be used over and over, modified slightly, but I hadn't, and it's in my Japanese blog, here: Fourth pic, with sic different drawdowns in one go; this is only 4 shafts but you get the idea. Sometimes I advance the treadling. Sometimes I go directly and make one repeat of a lift plan and advance those.

  6. Ooops, no, the examples are 8.

    1. Thanks for pointing me to that post, Meg!


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