Mana's Visit 2

Day 2, Tuesday, (can't believe it was only our second day,) we had breakfast at the Suter Cafe, and walked around town, shopping a little, mostly kitchen gadget places but also quite a long time at Carol Priest.
Then Pat brought us to her house for a lovely lunch, (Mana may be blogging about it with pictures,) we looked closely at Pat's tapestries, and then Pat showed Mana how tapestries are woven.
We moved on to Pat's newly tidied, (and I mean, tidied, with surreptitious stash gone and a chair, a love seat, and a large desk installed, or they may have existed but were in hiding; something to aspire to, weavers,) where Pat showed her Ikat work, Moorman Technique, Indigo and Kakishibu projects, and a myriad of strange and wonderful yarns Pat's collected mostly from Japan which neither Mana nor I have ever encountered.

Mana was particularly intrigued by the Moorman Technique and it's application on clothing fabric; she was already thinking of a Jacquard at her work capable of this technique.
Me, my brain was overflowing so I concentrated on the boys. Larry said photographing black dogs is no fun because all features disappear; I can verify it's true at least without good sunlight. Poor Dudley.
A wonderful time was had by all.


  1. Oh you lovely ladies - and boys! Really nice to read and see <3

  2. Have you seen the boys lately?? They have matured SO much!


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