Sunday, November 29, 2015

Washed Again

This is a warp-end fabric from the old-fashioned scaly wool, the same warp on which I wove two wonderfully old-fashioned pieces. The weft is not as delicious as the warp or the other two pieces, but surprisingly airy, in the original undyed plus the tree browns dyed with walnut shells. Originally I had planned to make a heavy-ish fabric, (I imagined an old-fashioned winter skirt with a couple of small pleats in the front and the back,) but because this warp creates such a wonderful feel, depending on the way the piece dries I might sew the ends and make an extra-long shawl.

Although the next warp made from the same set is not as varied in hues/values, I have plenty of choices for the weft to create visual interest, so I plan to weave three or four shawls/big scarfs.
The blue piece fulled reasonably well, and is visually interesting in the way if your trains is delayed, there is plenty to observe on a cold winter platform. However, I have a new problem I have never had before.
The merino/mohair warp didn't want to hold the knots at the end of fringes and has come undone in the washing. Even though I've used this yarn in the warp twice before, I've never had this problem and at a loss as what to do. I could tighten the knots again, but I'm not confident they will hold the next time the piece is washed. Have you ever had this problem? Do you have any suggestions, please?

For now I don't have anything waiting to be washed.

We've had full-on summer weather of late. It's been annoyingly sunny, dry and hot in the sun outside, and stifling inside in the late afternoons. Even if rain is forecast, even if it looks as though rain is about to come down, rain clouds are burned off soon and we have not had good precipitation for a long while. When I weed, the ground crumbles like sand, and the soil in the veg patch looks terrible. Inside it's so terribly dry I hang laundry inside for a bit of moisture. Nelson is in for a water restriction soon.


  1. I'm surprised that the fibers in your knots didn't knit together in the wash, but I doubt there would be any problem in re-tying them more tightly (though this might shorten your fringes somewhat). Nice work, though. Beautiful work. I love the old-fashioned vibe.

  2. I can tie that again, no problem. I might even try washing it the usual way, as the last thing I want is for them to come undone not under my watch... It's so strange; just another thing to trip me up in this weaving life.

  3. Donna, I don't know if it was this post you left a comment on about nail polish. I read it but inadvertently deleted it while intending to reply. Thanks and so sorry.


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