Yesterday I felt like washing, for a change, so I washed two pieces and one long warp-end swatch.
The peach at the far end is mohair/merino warp, same as these, with a mom's salmon pink silk bouclé weft, in the same draft as the multicolor. The mohair in the warp shines while the bouclé is dull so the design appears subtly but distinctly and the A- and B- sides have different moods. It's thin, but not unsubstantial, and has a wonderful drape. It's a long piece that can wrap a thin person 1.5 times around. (Is that understandable English? You know, not just to have it on your shoulders but go around once and then some??)

To the right is from the not-tapestry cotton warp with one of Mom's silks that feel like paper or even wood shavings before washing. It's a crisp, and for the size of the threads, not exactly feather-weight, and not surprisingly with a somewhat papery drape.

Had I the presence of mind after that tapestry-technique fail, I would have woven another proper piece, but instead I wove a few fabric swatches; the orange and yellow are thick and tough and I can see bags or parts thereof being made from them. At the end I wanted to see how this cotton warp, especially the sett, reacts with fluffable merino so I used in the weft old thrums the same yarn as in the last piece.
This is the "tapestry" portion wet-finished like normal fabric. If I make a bag out of the other fabric from this warp, this could be a pocket or something.
And a closeup of merino-weft portion. One side is pronouncedly 3D, while the other is subtle. It has a strange feel, too; it's as though I feel only the cotton threads but no wool, yet different from a lace fabric. Together with the hard beating, the warp is too closely sett for merino to fluff.

I'm in a finishing-up mode, so today I'm fringing the last blue piece, may or may not wash it and one last unwashed fabric swatch, or stop talking about and weave up the cashmere on Klik.
It's Black Friday here, too; we don't even have Thanksgiving, but now we have sales in physical stores in Nelson, day after a normal working Thursday. Crikey.

Though that is not what prompted me, but because I have been thinking about it for a while, (years,) I've started working on my online store. It won't be ready in time to deliver for Christmas, but then when did I do anything just in time! (If you're interested in any in the above pic, ask me for details. Otherwise you have to stand outside my shop on your tip toes peeking.)


  1. Love these colours, Meg. Get a move on with your shop, too late for Christmas but get it started soon. No procrastinating...

  2. Yes, Ma'am. Thank you, Ma'am. :-P

  3. The tapestry portion is especially beautiful. Are you familiar with Polly Barton's ikat weaving? http://www.pollybarton.com/ikat.php
    I was very inspired by her work when I was weaving. Have a wonderful weekend! xo

    1. Tapestry and Ikat, best left for my friend Pat to deal with. TOO fiddly for me. :-)

  4. Black Friday began on November 1, here in Central New York. I can't even imagine going shopping today. I'd be taking my life in my hands! Online shops are so much more civilized, and no one paws the merch with their sticky, germy hands. Can't wait to see yours!

    1. Saw on Facebook that quite a few countries have adopted it this year. Laughed out loud at sticky, germy hands. That is what I dread at exhibitions!


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