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Annabelle and Sam and I had a second, much longer lunch last Thursday. We studied and discussed their recent paintings, and then looked at the mixed media Letter Journals I've done collaboratively last year. I also told I'm enjoying knitting, which is 3D experiments to me, (still can't increase/decrease, still don't do gauges, don't do purling well, so still making rectangles and tubes with whatever yarns that fit one of the two sets of needles I have;) and needlepoint. And that I miss the figure drawing class but I can't afford it.

I find it intriguing all these different methods/media appear to be gelling in some way, though not exactly clear how yet, that they no longer feel unrelated/separate crafts. I've also signed up for 3-day screen printing workshop this weekend. This is my third time with the same teacher, and I'm looking forward to it, trying not to overthink it, (which is what I did the second round, and sort of ruined the experience,) but mulling over a few ideas. One fun one is to recreate my gesture or blind drawings in screen print; the other is to go completely abstract. Either on cloth or on paper. We'll see how it goes.

* * * * *

I really didn't think much of what I've been knitting for Rosie so I completely unraveled it. I could change one of the three colors and knit a cowl/crawl, or a flat rectangle; I could knit with the darker brown, mom's handspun, which doesn't feel as soft but is a lovely color. I also have mom's handspun cashmeres, but they're more cream than brown, and I have less of that than this lovely walnut-dyed Australian merino. Soooo... We'll see how it goes.

* * * * *

With about a third of Japan being flooded, mom and we decided, if things don't get worse, it's probably better to travel north rather than south. Which is interesting because I really haven't seen north. And fish could be better. It's just that we want to avoid the Fukushima area so it'll be way up north. And I think I've got all the presents we need. I hope.

* * * * *

I want to finish weaving at least Esther's warp, which includes a present for my cousin's husband; the gray warp, and another one that's not Syrie before I go to Japan. So time to get a little serious. Air NZ cancelled our flight home so we have to leave two days earlier. I've got, oh, yikes, 96 days left.

Busy, busy, busy.

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