Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Full Disclosure

I don't set out to make wonky pieces, you know; I aim for perpendicular and parallel every time I sit at the loom. I was so relieved after the blanket was finished so I used as many colors as I had to express joy for this scarf/shawl, and some repeats have two colors, but those sections didn't present the problem. The Summer of Weeding, an interval of three to four weeks, is what changed the beat so the last three repeats are elongated and less meaty.

I've been reading, thinking and making notes about future projects with glee. I'm astounded how well I get in my own way of... proceeding? Progressing? Some days, when I want to blame someone else, it feels as if in the absence of a real person holding me back, I have to step in and do that myself. Other days, I roll my eyes so hard it pushes against my brain hurts. 

I found in my diary a year ago yesterday, "No tool noise!"

Right. Next.

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  1. Not to mention the wrinkle in the gray repeat. Oh, if that was the only big sin!


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