Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I needed a catalyst to shove me beyond reminiscing about Randy's workshop, and I found it!

Bookbinding is something I've been interested in almost my entire life; it certainly predates weaving and floral arrangement, and possibly chocolate, but I kept putting it off. I finally went to a workshop this weekend, and had a great time, and it was oh-so-well-worth the wait.

Ex-weaver and now book binder Ann Bell of Hamilton was invited by Marlborough Weavers and ran a tight two-day workshop in Blenheim, and in one weekend, we made four types of small notebooks and a slip cover. She brought some achingly beautiful papers made into pre-cut kits we were to choose from. I chose an elegant gold-and-black kit, and almost everything worked out wonderfully. When I was working on the last crutial part of the last notebook (the partially concealed gold one), almost everybody else was finished and starting to clean up, and I rushed and it turned out less than perfect, but when I do it again, it won't happen.

It was a great lesson in how to run a workshop, too. Ann was incredibly well-organized, and the pre-cut kits guaranteed all of us will come away with a beautiful set, but we picked up how to prepare our own kits, too. I've had ideas on combining weaving and bookbinding, but now I know how to do it. And there will be another workshop next year. Yay!

If you are interested in Ann's workshop for your group, email her. As for me, it's time to start panicking about the exhibit; I have 90 days before it opens. Yikes.


  1. I love the composition of that photo - and the lighting. It brings out a nice warm, "bookish"
    feast for the eyes, if that makes sense!!

  2. Well, I probably shouldn't 'publish' this, but I had bread crumbs on the coffee table, books to the right, and laundry to be folded on the couch, towards to top of the photo, and by the time I got around to getting all five items without any of the unwanted items, this was about the only angle left!! But I do get what you're saying, and I was so thrilled to be able to 'make' a book, albeit without contents.

  3. I have soo many book binding books ... and would love to take a workshop in it. I have "played" around but never done anything worth talking about. It is so gratifying though!

  4. Hi, Tara and Kim. Thanks for visiting. I am ever so envious of your get-togethers - not just for the food and the style, but, my, you must have great discussions and sharing of inspiration! Book binding was, after having done it, easier than I had expected, but it could very easily be a different story when I try to do it alone.


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