Dianne Dudfield, Post Randy, No 1.

Dianne writes: The warp is what I took to the workshop. The weft goes bottle green, pinky purple, then murky blue, teal and an apricot/orange. Colours I use quite often but I would never have used on said warp pre-RD so even though I can't get the "use 50 colours" bit (yet) I am trying new adventures. Also put in 4 thick boucle threads in a green, navy and bottle and lurex combination and crossed the warp with that at intervals as well. The frost crystal pattern shows up well after washing and wished I had persevered with it more. I'm happy with the result.

The threading is called Frost Crystal from a Weavers magazine, but not an exact copy. This is also pictured in the new book on twills from Weavers magazine. The wee pattern bits are woven straight draw and the longer pattern is woven 5-end advancing. I'm very impressed at how a weft can disguise a not so attractive warp and make an acceptable creation."

Acceptable? I think you underestimate your piece, but your warp was a very soft, gentle collection of greens and blues, from memory, and I like that with weave and colour, you have put in some sharp-looking areas as well as the soft blended areas. Thank you, Dianne.


jenni said...

That is simply lovely, Dianne!

Dianne said...

Thank you jenni.