Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm in the Book

Remember I was moaning about the cost of being a member of the arts community, and then the whole hoo-hah about having my work photographed by a professional photographer? Well, Nelson Arts Guide Book is finally out, and I am in the book now. (Click and zoom, or get your magnifying glass out!) I'm on Page 177.

When I went to pick mine up at Arts Marketing, Martin asked me how I've been, in his usual "interested!!" way, and I noticed of late I give a list of my ailments in response. So, Martin, Alex and Julia, the revised answer is: "The body is creaky but the mind is bursting, because I just came back from five days with the best living weaver of our times; he's the Coltrane, he's the Ansel Adams; I am a changed weaver!"


  1. Hi Meg,
    Congratulations!! I hope there are more to come.

  2. Hi, Paul. Nice, eh? Now if only I can produce the kind of work worthy of the book and as a RD graduate....

  3. WOW Meg! That is really awesome! Congratulations =)

  4. Thanks, Jenni. Now I just have to weave to 'stay' a weaver, don't I? (Instead of blogging so much!)


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