Monday, October 30, 2006

A Very Sorry Randying

I had put on a burgundy merino warp on the Jack loom for four short and narrow scarves before the workshop. Last week, I finished Scarf 1, and I couldn't resist, so I tried Randying on Scarf 2, but was GREATLY hindered by my limited color palette (that is, almost a complete lack of green/yellow/orange half of the color wheel!) Because I wanted to wear it as a sample, I started out by using only merino, then wool roughly 110/2, (in an attempt to keep the shrinkage even) but after a while anything went.

I must reorganize my wool room so I can Randy better, and I probably need a shopping spree. But here are some embarrassing glimpses of Scarf 2. Scarves 3 and 4 were finished in various Burgundy possum-merino-silk yarns, wonderful to the touch, but I admit, a bit shy of attractive. I hope I can do a bit better than this the next time.


  1. I am impressed by the colour changes, rich and gorgeous. Wear this with pride.

  2. It's nice to have nice, encouraging friends, Dianne. Thanks. It looks like one of those Mexican rugs, but my friend Kath thought it looked Turkish.


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