D Day & Thank You

Today was the last day of the Exhibit(ion); I closed at 3PM, took off the shawls, the photos and the blurb sheets, and we came home before 6PM. I am tired and somewhat emotional.

I will miss Lloyd immensely. I will miss the high ceiling and the light, but not the heat. I won't miss the horrible-tasting water.

I'm somewhat baffled that only a year ago I was telling Ben that some day I would like to have a weaving Exhibit(ion) in the front room of Gallery 203, and now, I've done it.

I did not sell a single shawl, and to be honest, I am disappointed. Secretly, I had thought "Gentle" would go. I would have wanted at least one piece to sell, for Arts Council and all the time Lloyd spent advising/coaching me. The Shawl vs. Wraps debate started to bug me as I was dismantling my Exhibit(ion). And that might have been immaterial. Several people have commented that my prices were extremely reasonable or "too cheap; are you getting your cost back at that price?", but of course those who thought I was dreaming didn't comment.

I am tickled to think someone paid me money for my photograph!!

But without wanting to sound like a credit card commercial, it was the many new and renewed friendships that was the greatest reward in the whole project. I chose to stay in my basement in the past few years, and I chose to bury my head in the cones of yarns, but I was reminded that I am blessed with good people around me. That includes all of you visiting my blog and encouraging me and sending me emails and fabulously funny cards.

I received a card from Rita in Dallas on Thursday; in it, she wrote: "I hope you bust out some sweet weaves today!" Let my year of apprentice begin.

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