Fine Work

I've been demonstrating in the gallery by weaving small scarves, approximately 6 inches wide and 150cm long (yes, like many Kiwi weavers, I think of width in imperial and length in metric!); I'm weaving these in 18DPI or 15DPI, so it's not fine, but I'm surprised with the number of people who comment how fine this appears. Weavers around the world are weaving 60DPI and 80DPI (and finer) silk scarves, so actually it's comparatively coarse nowadays. Naturally I had this idea: a group Exhibit(ion) of handwoven scarves and shawls at a minimum of 30DPI or so, called, what else, "Fine".

Though they might really look like remnants of bed sheets and get shaken terribly. /retaliatory_sarcasm

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