D Minus Two Days

Looking back, "bored" may have been the wrong word. My creativity feels constrained because I am not home and I don't have my equipment. Because I can weave in the gallery, rather than weave and design and warp and wash and daydream and all the rest of the tasks I do to create a shawl. I feel constrained because I can only weave; it sounds contradictory, but any given day, I pace around the house, put cones next to each other to see if the color combination works; smell the scaly merino yarns; see if a new twill idea would work on the computer; look out the window; call my mother and ask what she's weaving; and reread my notes and look at the photos from Randy's workshop and try to recall the sensation of seeing his scarves. I hadn't realized until now how kinetic my design process is. I keep thinking of what our friend Gino Rocco said: the best way to shut up an Italian is to tie his hands behind his back.

I love talking to people who come up these stairs. Some are weavers or people involved in other fiber crafts; some read Matt's article; some are tourists who read the letters "Weaver --->" on the pavement at the bottom of the stairs; and some are my friends. I love talking to Lloyd about colors and values and the drama in his paintings, or where craft, and weaving, is going in New Zealand. I have enjoyed all these conversations, and some of the ideas while talking will make into my work. But I miss my pace, and I miss my basement. And I look forward to going back to my norm, of having my mind's hands untied so I can wave them all I want. All in three days.

And when I go back, I know I'll miss not being able to talk to Lloyd; he is a gentle man (especially when he's not holding a sandpaper), a knowledgeable painter, and a generous mentor. I'll miss the high ceilings and tall windows of these rooms. I'll miss the peppermint green loo. But having an Exhibit(ion) was like having a holiday; I have been there, and if I want to, I can go back there, but the second time will not be the same as the first.

Tomorrow is Kath's last Lunch time concert.

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