Randy Darwall 2006 Review

That is not to say that I will ever do anything less than worship Randall Darwall, his work and his teaching. Besides, he and Brian are such nice guys. But I find colors difficult to work with, and I do get a right, old headache when I think about it. So I'm putting it in the "Too Hard" basket for now. Again.

I finally located a slide show on his web, and I think they are shots from shows in Baltimore, Boston and Washington (DC?) he participated in in 2006, but I'm not sure if all the pieces are by Randy. I wish I could download some of the photos for closer inspection, but I haven't found a way yet, though you could right click on any given photo and print. There's one heck of a magnificent building (in Boston?) and I'm glad they got the shot of the carpet from above; and they saved the best shot to the last for us fans.

There is definitely a high glitter quotient in the US this summer; I'm not sure about that; I don't go out after 7PM nowadays so glitters don't do much for me.

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