Where to Next?

It's now been 12 days since I closed my Exhibit(ion), and I've been trying to get back to my normal for the last three. And I've been wondering, "Where to next?"

I have lots of goals/items on my To Do lists: I must learn a new twill for my sample exchange; I have three commission pieces on hold; I must weave more small cashmere scarves for Red Gallery. And I have to file my tax return. I am never short of techniques and weave structures I want to learn and/or sample.

But aesthetically, in spite of Randy's workshop and the various experiments I did to weave a "collection" for the Exhibit(ion), I want to return to "my kind" of cloths. I love subtle cloths showing off weave structures and subtle differences in textures. I was cleaning up my photo files this afternoon and fell in love with some of the pieces I wove in late 2004. All in close hues, mostly in "doodle" weft-wise undulating twills. I think these cloths are more elegant than some of the pieces I wove for the Exhibit(ion), and I like them better.

Thank goodness I have several To Do lists; I don't have to choose a direction now.

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