In 2000 or 2001, I did a correspondence course on colors through the Guild. (Actually, the Guild was worried if this foreign-sounding-named person could cope with the course, so I had to have an informal interview of sorts before I got to sign up.) Anyway, before I did that course, I had one shelf of navy blue yarns, one shelf of other blue yarns, and half a shelf of undyed yarns. To do the course, I had to buy a few other colors, so I bought small amounts of yellows and oranges and a little bit of greens.

After I finished the course (which was much too short and brief, and we only started to learn some interesting bits towards the end,) the only thing I knew with a degree of confidence was that there were no inherently ugly colors, but just ugly combinations. So I've started stepping outside my comfort colors, and accumulated a few cones of blacks and reds and purples. But I still don't have a lot from the warmer half of the color wheel, (from about orangey red to mid-green).

I'm looking at the photos of the two green scarves I wove for Area, and the third one hanging in my laundry, and though they make perfect theoretical sense, for me, greens are good for eating and voting, but not really for weaving. It was almost incredible how underwhelming it was to be sitting in front of my loom which was dressed with two greens in the warp. I think it'll be a while before I weave in only in greens again.

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