I Hope I Never Get Used To This

I'm not sure if I've become a pessimist, but for now, not selling enough work to generate income seems to be the only worry I should have. That, and my slowness. Otherwise I have plenty to keep me feeling happy.

Nelson Arts Marketing have spaces at Nelson Airport terminal building to showcase work by Nelson artists. Though I've always studied and admired many of the works, I never paid much attention to the displays as a potential participant, because everything I've seen have been "hard" stuff; jewelry, pottery, glass, sculpture and a few paintings. Yesterday, I was asked to bring in a few small scarves to be included in the display from August to October.

And, gee, it was nice to be asked. I've been walking on a pink cloud ever since. I hope I never get used to this; I hope every invitation and every inclusion in exhibits always make me feel ticklish and giddy.

If you fly in/out of Nelson Airport between August and October, please look at the bottom of the glass case before you rush off. (Don't worry, I'll post a photo of the display in a month so there's no mistaking what it looks like.)


jb said...

Hey, just excellent! Congratulations!

Meg said...

Ta, JB.

Dianne said...

Thrilled for you, what a wonderful compliment. Love the scarves you worked for the area exhibition, they inspire me to keep trying.

Meg said...

Thank you, Dianne. Re. the Un-Corkscrew, it's the first time the Cross Country Weavers thing inspired me to do more work based on the theme - last year's was my first and it was Repp, and while I like to look at Repp used in beautiful ways (do you remember Agnes's bag at Randy's workshop??) I wasn't in love with it enough to do some more Repp, but the Un-Corkscrew, and the corkscrew I plan to weave, have been very... what's the word... "usable"... they make good sense to base my future designs on... I guess that's what I mean.

Dianne said...

I was looking at corkscrew in the 8shaft pattern book and can you explain the difference between un-c and c cause I thought you had it right.

Meg said...

Well, that's just the thing, I'm not quite sure if it wasn't after all. But here's the thing. In the 8-Shaft book (A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns, edited by Carol Strickler, Interweave Press, 1991), the descriptions on P.62 and the examples on P.63 show combinations of twills using all the shafts, i.e. 8-end twills combined to create an 8-shaft corkscrew at the top, 7-end and 7-shafts at the bottom. White Examples on P.64 are 3-end and 5-end twills, using shafts 1-3 and 4-8 respectively, combined to create a Corkscrew. (I stopped trying to understand #261 & 262 on P.65.)

Mine were 7-end twills doubled to create 14-shaft Corkscrews, the first twill using the odd-numbered shafts from 1 to 13, the second the even numbered shafts from 2 to 14. So it didn't meet match the logic of the first set of examples; to meet that criteria, I should have created a 14-end twill and started one twill on Shaft 1, and the other on Shaft 8, ergo, 14-end twills making up a 14-end Corkscrew.

Using the logic of the second set of examples, I should have used Shafts 1-7 for the first set of twills, 8-14 for the second set. And this is why I thought mine didn't fit with either logic/scheme, so I concluded it wasn't a Corkscrew.

Furthermore, Agnes said: "Yes, it would be a shadow weave type if you would have done another tie up and used the two colours in the weft or it could also be an Echo weave if you would have set the warp closer (anywhere between twill and double weave), used a opposite tie-up and treadled any twill variation." Now I'm looking at the Example #269 on P.69 - the left Shadow Weave, and Example #252 on P.63, and (I KNOW as the Telecom bunny would say), well, blow me away, they are identical, aren't they, though not the photo shown...

I'd never heard of Echo Weave so I haven't researched that yet.

As for all the other books I read re. Corkscrew, I'm not even going there... Some insist Corkscrew is weft-face, some listed the warp-faced option as well. It seems if I insisted loudly enough, mine can be Corkscrew after all!