Step Into My Office

I have to change the way I work.

Georgina asked me to weave a baby blanket sometime before my Exhibit; I think the baby is due next week, and I finally have an idea.

I did have trouble sourcing weft yarns to go with the the warp yarn we agreed on, and when I finally found something very nice, the weft was to be about 6 times as thick as the warp, so I've been trying out, inside my head, designs that might work in this combination, but nothing on the paper or with yarns. Then it came to me at around 2AM this morning, and I'm away working.

But I have to put more effort into designing more efficiently, quickly, rather than waiting for an idea to come to me. At least I do carry my notebook everywhere. Still, I don't want my commission pieces to be ordinary, but I want the client to take one look and know it's a one-off piece of work. And I think this one is going to be like that; I hope so.

The baby being her first, it might come a little later than expected? I hope so.


jb said...

Oooh, a lamington!!
At the Mourning Room?

Meg said...

Yip - and other old-fashioned cakes are really back in fashion now.

Merisi said...

That cake looks like some I know from my childhood, my mother used to bake them: Yellow sheetcake, cut in rectangles, dunked in chocolate and covered with coconut flakes. How is yours made?
As far as first babies are concerned, my first one was two days "late", the last one (of four) sixteen. So there's not much of a clue from mother nature here. *smile*
Good luck to your weaving, I am sure anything you touch will be a work of art.

Meg said...

Yes, Lemingtons are made like that. Except some commercial ones are covered in shocking pink icing, rather than in chocolate.

Merisi, I was something like three-weeks late! Georgina's mother reckons the baby won't come this Friday, either, when s/he is officially due. We'll see. At any rate, s/he will be a cutie, because Georgina has sparkly eyes, a cute nose, and a small, beautifully-formed mouth. Ummm, I must say I never had a very good look at Hubby's face, though, for this purpose.