Monday, June 15, 2009

Going Through the Motion of an Artist?

Here's something I started in mid-May, because I thought it sounded like the kind of thing artists do these days. It started a few days later I finished the SSVE scarf and was feeling liberated about doing things "not me".

I found two shawls with moth damage in March. These were woven in 2005 or 2006, were exhibited once, may have done their time in a gallery, but more or less sat in my stash room for at least a year. I did have, a little lower on my list, mending these pieces. One cold morning in May, when most of my "proper" pieces were in the "to be handwashed" basket, I grabbed one of these. It was amazingly light and soft and warm and I decided to keep this one. At first I thought I should mend it before the damage worsens, but I decided against it.

Don't "artists" nowadays make a big deal of these things and mend them badly and wear them and mend them again or damage then intentionally and in the end exhibit them? I thought of ancient porcelain in museums which are mended with white, beige or pink clay clearly marking which parts were authentic and which restored; I thought to mend this piece in such a way that the restoration would stand out from the original piece. Let it be more tattered before I mend it badly, in other words... And I took this to Wellington and Napier, damage and all.

But after having decided my next goal was "authenticity", and this kind of recycled/process "art" being so not my thing, I'm undecided once again. I don't find an obviously-mended (badly) piece attractive and if I do that I'd be embarassed to wear it, and yet the process is so "out there" that I might learn or experience something new, like the SSVE scarf.

It's been draped somewhere since I returned from Napier. I hate to damage it more, but don't know what to do with it.


  1. Meg, I truly can't see you doing an "obviously-mended (badly)" job on anything. And those pesky moths - the last visitors you need in your stash room!

  2. Neither can I, Carol. Really not my thing, is it... I might mend it the old-fashioned way - as invisible as possible.

  3. that sounds more your style.
    Invisible Perfection.

  4. You think? Thanks to adventurous weavers like you, Lynne, my horizon has been broadened to the point I see that the world is actually round, but I didn't realize how much that discovery helps me in determining what I would like to make!

  5. I have a solution! Mend it badly, fantastically, artistically, and have fun. Then send it to your sponsored child (cough, ok, adult) in Australia, who would LOVE to wear such a wacky thing. EASY!

    I'm here to help!

  6. Ha ha ha, that thought crossed my mind in March, but you know, this is so light and warm, I think I'll give it a miss. However, I do have another that needs mending and that's never been worn... So... thinking, thinking, thinking...


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