A New Element! / More on Clare Plug & Antarctica

Ben told me this past weekend that there is a new element added to the perioeic table. It surprised me that we're still finding... new stuff! Other than deep down in the ocean, because that, I hear, is still so under-explored.

Clare Plug's "Look South" catalog is available in the US from Studio Art Quilt Associates bookstore. The cost is US$20 + shipping. Clare add, "I should warn you it is not just a series of images of every work in the show, rather includes 3 substantial essays, historical & modern antarctic related photos as well as of course some of the artworks. :-)" For NZ and Australia, and elsewhere, contact HBMAG.

Clare is teaching a weekend textile design course (not a quilting course) at HBMAG on October 17 & 18. The cut off was either 12 or 15 students, but as of June 2 they already had four signed up, so if you're sure you can go, I'd contact Pam Joyce soon. For more information, click here
and go nearly to the bottom of the page.

While I was working on Clare's post on Saturday, Ben received a request for a new Flickr contact so he visited this man's Flickr, which I was glancing at through the corner of my eye. Something about them looked so familiar and I asked if they were, by any chance, pics from Antarctica, and they were!! So here is Kenneth Klassy's blog and here are his photos. He emailed me back to say he's visiting Nelson around October so there may be more Antarctica posts here; in fact I understand he emailed me from McMurdo!

And here (9:40 AM) is a Saturday Morning/Kim Hill interview with Dr Colin Bull, who lead New Zealand's earlier expeditions from Victoria University of Wellington, and who, among other things, made it possible for women to participate. This interview, even if you're not at all interested in Antarctica, is a cracker; I don't know anyone in real life who speaks like Dr Bull.

And I told you my neighbor Neil did nine months on the ice as an engineer, didn't I? I've an American friend in Nelson who worked at McMurdo and met her Kiwi husband down the icy road. They are all around us!!


  1. I got really excited about the new element too - that is Science with a big old S. Those guys must be so pleased with themselves!

  2. And I assume the Physicist are preparing a new video?


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