Saturday, June 13, 2009

Never Been One to Stay Inside the Lines...

We started working on differently prepared surfaces, such as smooth vs rough gesso or acrylic primer paint. So far I've worked with conte on gesso, but we're now getting to the point of bringing in our own prepared surfaces, and for next week I'm looking forward to preparing cloth and paper with strange, uneven gesso markings, e.g. brush marks, bubble wrap marks and saran wrap folds.

The drawing class is fun but I don't see much improvement over the year, particularly in proportion. But I like experimenting with composition a lot, and I'm a little more comfortable with tones. Staying inside the lines, (in this case, the gesso is applied inside the green tapes,) well, that's another problem altogether...


  1. I like your composition there, Meg -- asymetrical, outside the lines, etc. Despite your thinking your work hasn't improved, FYI there's a well-followed artist in my area who's work is not unlike yours. So keep at it!

  2. Thank you, Connie. I do particularly badly with shapes and proportion when I'm drawing small, and consequently parts of the bodies keep "growing" in the short time I'm working on them.

    I got a lot of ideas on how to prepare the surface from the way you dye, also, so thanks!


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