Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stash, Stash and More Stash...


I like the color of my wall, which is a beige with a hint of orange, sufficiently neutral to not influence color perception and designing. But I'd like a change, just a little one, and am considering perhaps some pale gray something (stripes?) on the wall on the right.

It's a tiny room, a "single" bedroom, about 3.4 m by 2.8 m, so I've decided to describe my stash "descent", downgraded from "respectable". But I can weave without buying any yarns at least for three years. Which is not a bad thing during these hard times!

And I'm not showing you what the bedroom looks like tonight. No way!


  1. Your stash looks yummy. I like the colour of the walls too but am not about to make a suggestion for the other wall. I'm hopeless at that sort of thing. (Hopeless at making decisions in general, really.) I agree with your earlier comment that curtains help add warmth to a room but I'm sure you need your carpet too, in chilly Nelson.

  2. Hi, Carol. Things like wall colors, curtains and carpets, I have such a hard time deciding, and then sticking to the plan, it's almost not worth worrying... But I would like something to be... "new"!

  3. Looking at my pics again, Carol, I honestly don't know how I'm going to squeeze all I've got into this tiny room.

  4. every artists dilemma I think.

  5. I didn't realize how small my stash room is. Well, no, I always knew it was small, but how small, as I had never measured.

  6. I think I have stash envy!

    Re: the colour of the other wall - you definitely want to keep it warm but neutral, so it doesn't affect your perception of the stash colours too strongly.

  7. What you see here is just the pretty bit, though. :-)


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