Gray Misty Friday

Last weekend, Carol wrote "I can see that my unpacking is going to be an ongoing, and probably to the reader, invariably tedious business so while it will be in the forefront of my mind, I don't want to bore everyone else by going on about it. Except to say that it will happen eventually and one day I'll be able to say "All done" and then I'll show you photos of my [potentially] wonderful workroom. Perhaps by then I'll be confident enough to call it my bindery."

It was about the time I was getting sick of updates regarding the acute lack of progress with my stash room, but she said it better. In my case, I still haven't been able to reconcile the amount of contents vs. the size of the room so it's an ambitious "[potentially]" for me. You know those tiny games with 16 or 25 tiles where you take one out and try to reconstruct a picture by moving them horizontally or vertically? Enough said.

It's hard, too, to combat a particularly cold winter, when my stash room doesn't reach the required 10C (paint manufacturer's recommendation) without excessive electrical heating, or more crucially, the sun doesn't come and this old lady can't see well what she's doing with one halogen work lamp. It's in the hands of the Universe.

Yesterday was warm and sunny and I got a good 3/4 of the day's work done, which is perhaps why I'm so chipper, but this morning, it's been misty and humid and gray again. Ben suggested I weave, and I'd almost forgotten what that was all about, but I think I will and see how the afternoon pants out.

I do love reading about (or, to be exact, looking at pictures of) other people's work space, so don't you stop on my account. I started looking regularly at Unclutter, which has some good ideas and some gimmicky ones. A few years ago someone pointed to me a blog dedicated to artists' studios, and I used to envy and drool over many, but I can't find it. Do you know the one?

Well, then. Onwards and down-stair-wards, I think. I have lovely weekend.


  1. Oh, I do know that little game... and I'm waiting for some new wallpaper... and I don't know where to put anything!

    So, instead I'm painting in our little summer cottage...

    It just never ends. Mabye weaving is the most sane thing to do.

  2. Oh Meg, I just went through another rearrangement in the studio, the tile game is a perfect metaphor, as though if you remove this one piece then will they all magically find room?

    I get about 80 percent accomplished then tire of the task and just stack the rest in areas where I can at least move around the room.

    So I know I will be doing this again in a few months when everything gets pulled from it's tidy stack against the wall and is all over the floor again.

    It's insanity.

  3. Hello, ladies. Yesterday morning's weaving was, can I say, **crap** and I made no progress in 2+ hours. In the afternoon, I sanded and painted this metal rack on which I hope to hang unfinished and finished pieces, and I did a really **crap** job of painting it. You know when things aren't working so you know you should stop but keep going ahead anyway because you feel you've accomplished nothing and in the end make things worse? Well, yesterday was like that.

    This morning, we woke up to a glorious sparkling winter's day. We usually have more days like this in the winter, but I realized not this year. It's chilly and beautiful and I was reminded my optimum gardening period (usually May-July) is coming to a close and I haven't started it yet!!

    It's too easy to fall into the "NOTHING I do works for me this year" hole. But I think it'll be warm enough to continue painting. Sometimes it's hard to stay optimistic, but the day is too sparkly to quit.

    Dana, I know exactly what you mean, about not quite finishing and stacking things up; we operate in the same way!!

  4. Gosh, my whole life is about not quite finishing and then stacking everything up. Good to hear that you're having some nicer weather. We have been spoiled with temperatures over 22 for days but I think it will go down again (only to 17) tomorrow. Wonderful balmy days for gardening, I actually planted my strawberries yesterday and will plant potatoes today. I'm even enjoying all the digging of the beds.

  5. I agree; my whole life has been not quite finishing... Yes, thank you for pointing out that possibility!


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