High School Reunion

Later tonight (Saturday night Minnesota time) there'll be a class reunion I will miss. The Class of '77 is apparently a slack lot and there hadn't been "regular" reunions, so this is a 32nd "We're All Turning 50" reunion. I say "apparently" because I had never gotten any information about it until this year; thanks to the Internet, I was able to find it and get in touch with some. And with turning 50, (I lost a year moving from Japan to the US so I'm a year older than everybody else), I guess there won't be the anguish and tension seen in movies about class reunions; they can all let their thinning, graying hair down and enjoy themselves.

I discovered one of my classmates is a practicing artist; I remember Joanne as a delicate, almost bird-like creature, but funny as heck.

I hope everybody has a great time; I'm afraid I'll be asleep by the time the party starts.

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Meg said...

No, no, I was wrong. I'm up this chilly Sunday morning, and my friends are only starting to think about getting ready now.