Weaving Goddess Giveth, Weaving Goddess Taketh

And in this case, it's the "taketh" I appreciate. I'm blessed with a husband who doesn't mind my buying yarns, book or equipment, and parents who occasionally buy me more yarns. And I have little will power when it comes to weaving things, hence the current more-stash-than-fits-the-house problem.

Along came one Jo Kinross, a Nelson textile artist, who sets up a fiber stash sale, on Sunday, August 16!! We pay $20 for space the size of a tressed table and sell whatever fiber-related overflows we've got for "reasonable" prices. And there will be coffee and cakes on offer, too, and that money goes to charity.

I don't have any yarns to get rid of, in spite of unfavorable space/content ratio, but I've got duplicate books, old magazines, embroidery charts, dyes from four (4!!) different sources, fabric, and duplicate or unnecessary weaving equipment. This sale also saves me (and by that I mean, Ben) from photographing everything and listing on TradeMe (NZ eBay). I don't care how much they go for, as long as all my things find a good home and be used for a change.

I'm wondering if I want to shed myself of some beads and the unsentimental portion of my step-grandmother's kimono. After talking to Jo this morning, the stash room cleanup continue at a much better pace today.

Bless you, Jo.


  1. So....once you've cleaned out the stash and sold some, does that mean you have space/money for more...?

  2. No/not really. I'm not selling any yarn, just anything else that's not yarn that I don't need or haven't touched in the last decade, except while I was cleaning the stash room. And not really expecting to make mcuh $ as I'm selling most things for a pittance just to find them a good home.

    I also volunteered to donate a cake or cookies - most likely my madeira because it never fails me, but I should put a reminder for me so I don't forget!


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