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Mentor Ali came Thursday afternoon to borrow my warping mill. It was interesting to watch a tall weaver (somewhere between 5-10 and 6-2; probably at the 5-10 end; maybe 5-8,) use my mill. It looked tiny for starters. Then there is the height thing, of course,and the length of arms thing, too.

The most valuable things Ali has said to me so far in the design endeavor, most pertinent to my temperament/attitude, is while I study design, I must keep on weaving my regular stuff. I'm all-or-nothing in much of everything I do, but she said I can't keep inventing everything, which is true not because I keep inventing everything, but because in retrospect I often have to relearn, and some (much?) of this could be prevented if I wove on a more even keel. (Can't help myself; I've always enjoyed intentional mashed metaphors and malapropism. To the point where I get genuinely confused some of the times.)

Rosie asked if she could come on Sunday so I can show her how to warp her loom, which she had in her garage all these years, about which she never told me as long as I've known her, which is coming up like... 11.5 years! Unfortunately, you know, I'm stash-cleaning so I asked her to postpone it. Darn. It would have been great fun spending time with Rosie on a weekend. Next chance.

I've been a bit slack in updating the Marlborough Weavers blog even though I've been sent probably enough for eight or more posts. I've no excuse, but must remedy it this weekend.

Artists and art enthusiasts are struggling. There are many (more?) art courses on offer this winter in Nelson, and I look into each carefully, but I can't afford them, and it appears, neither can many. I hear of classes being canceled due to low enrollment.

And in this environment, I was offered a place in weekend course with a tuition waiver; I feel embarrassed and privilege, but I still must find transport and pay for accommodation/meals. I need to get my calculator out this weekend and consider carefully. I feel I'm taking advantage of the tutor, because I know she doesn't make that much profit from these workshops, either.

And last but not the least, that issue of Australian Vogue Living; the cafe rang me on Tuesday and said they'd give me their copy. I'm so grateful because I searched the Internet for back numbers, but couldn't find the info. And the cafe didn't even want any money for it. There may be some tea towels coming their way... somewhere between Christmas to next winter the way I work...

Back to the stash room.

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  1. Golly, I do have material for eight posts... Better get a move on!


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