Tom Jones

I came home with a pounding headache, so I'm trying to go to bed this afternoon, but I'm mesmerized by this clip, and can't stop replaying.

In an unplanned salute to things from the Mother Country, (well, Wales,) here's Tom Jones singing Help Yourself. I heard this song for the very first time just yesterday on our National Radio and burst out laughing; only he could get away with lyrics like these. I often forget he used to be some kind of a sex symbol to a generation of women.

I wonder also if the 60's were the Golden Age of television variety shows and costumes. These dancers' costumes seem to me to have a Star Trek theme. But then of course there were the 80's with the shoulder pads and techno cuts!

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Meg said...

When he's singing the chorus part of the second verse, is he, ummmm... facing backward so we can view his behind? I had long believed John Travolta was the first to, you know, well, do that for our pleasure.