Gee, I Made a Warp

The student asked, "Why blocks? I'm not objecting, but network seems to be all the rage, and aren't blocks, by definition, square-y and rigid?"

The teacher replied, "I think blocks offers good training in composition, and allows juxtaposition of separate structures which can have interesting impacts on shrinkage/take up and therefore texture as well as changes in color density, line, and line/block spacing..."

The student wrote back, "Crikey, you expect all that from my samples?"

I can't remember the last time I made a warp; it could have been for the silly-fine cottons, which would be sometime last year? This is for my sample study, 100% cotton, and don't worry, mere 33EPI.

And I realized this afternoon the calendar I've been using all year was tailor-made for my supposedly preposterously creative year. What is it now, August?


Dorothy said...

That's a nice looking warp.

I realised with horror last night that we are in the 8th month of the year and I haven't had a warp on my floor loom since sometime in 2008. Then I realised I was looking at this the wrong way around... I should be counting down the days until it's warped up, it looks better that way, certainly could be days rather than months!! I have selected my yarns, will start winding soon - today?

Meg said...

That's great news, Dorothy! Look forward to reading about it on yours soon!