Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sometimes It Pays Not to Read The Fine Print

I finally had a presence of mind to go see my GP, and was given the option to go on medication for a while. This is the part of the blurb he wanted me to read carefully. Goodness gracious me! Would anyone in their right mind go on meds after this? Well, yes, if you are as desperate as me to try to regain some normality in life.

Watch out for psychotic weaving!! I'll try not to bleed all over the loom.

(Apologies if you find the photo in bad taste; I see humor in how my life is turning out and have been feeling great all day, even though I haven't been to the pharmacy, and I don't understand over half of what this says.)


  1. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? The risks of all these drugs on the market these days, for everything, stop just short of death. My Vitamin P, as I refer to it, has had no adverse side effects for me -- other than loss of libedo, but I think that's age related mostly. I really don't care anymore whether I have sex or not, but I do like that my mood is alot more regular than it was when I wasn't taking it.

  2. A prof in pharmacology in NYC just told me I'm unlikely to get more than one of these side effects, if any, so I'm guessing the one my body will chose is weight gain, instead of psychotic weaving. At least it's cleaner than excessive bleeding...

    Jumped out of bed this morning wanting to play with drafts, Connie. Now, how long has it been since that last happened???

  3. Hope this gives you a helping hand, getting the new warp on your loom should help too ;)

  4. Absolutely, about the warp, Dorothy.


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