Good for a Laugh

Sometimes I, too, wonder how my mind works. Below is the before shot, June 2009. I had in mind aesthetics, cost-saving and safety when I embarked on redoing the stash room.

I dithered about the shelving until yesterday morning. In the end I didn't make a decision but rather decided not to have to make one.

At least the bookshelf is sturdier, and I like the slightly greener color of the wall better, but now the shelving, in white, stands out. (The wall and the bookshelf used to be a slightly orang-y white; now it's a slightly blue-green white, not that you can tell from these, but trust me.)

I'm giving myself 10 days to vacate the bedroom come rain or shine; Ben's easy.


  1. oh Meg it looks so nice. You should see the prison-grey colour my so-called "studio" is painted. It really is ghastly. What a nice place to be your room is.

  2. That is the plan. When everything moves back in. Which, I hope, is this week!


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