I'm Dying to Know

When Ronette had her new weaving studio built, the walls were creamy and bare and it drove her mad; she had to hang colorful things, textile and otherwise, to inspire her to weave. Me, I can't weave if I'm visually distracted, and I dream of a "blank" weaving space, with only my current project information on hand visible. I feel pretty much the same about my design space, though there, I can train myself to ignore the same-old, same-old decorations, of which I have some/lots.

Which type are you?


  1. My studio has super slanty walls and lots of windows.....so I only have a small ceramic clock on the wall. But I have lots of creative yarn-y "mess" strewn about.

    So maybe I'm neither type!


  2. Well, Sue, if you have that choice, that is lovely!

  3. I cover every inch of space with my stuff, trying for only beautiful, but often ending up with piles of not beautiful. My walls are covered with pictures, I can't live without lots of colour. If I see a blank space I compulsively fill it. Oh dear!

  4. But in a similar camp with Ronette. See, I can't even arrange a whole bunch of pictures on a given space nicely - they're all lined up in an orderly manner and very dull looking. Which is pretty much how I plant things, so it looks terrible when one in a row of equidistantly-spaced (???) dies.

    I find the difference in preference in this respect terribly interesting.


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