The First Day of The Rest of My Life

I woke up with a head full of block draft ideas and couldn't wait to get started, and I did, first thing in the morning. It felt like a normal working day at long, long last.

This first chapter deals with two blocks, and I started with a fast threading, two blocks of straight draw, 8 shafts each, in different width. I plan to weave with a few basic samples, then rethread if necessary.
After half an hour of playing with twills and satins, it dawned on me that blocks are not weave structures but formations, placements, arrangements. Well, that changes everything, doesn't it?

Blocks are vertical and horizontal divisions. Horizontal changes don't need to occur at the same time across the cloth, and in some cases, I guess there are no changes. I suppose I could even change the width of the block if the threading allows it. I don't have to have the same weave structures in the different blocks. I can even have my curvy stuff in between skinny satin borders, or, I can make the skinny borders more complex, with large areas left simple and undemanding.

I had to stop working with drafts because I thought my head would explode. No wonder Ali wanted to start with blocks. I think I will weave a few mundane samples on this threading, and then rethread, and aim for one or two sexy samples as well.

Yes, may I order a few extra lifetimes, please?

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