Speaking of living in slow motion, it's taken much, much longer for the light bulbs in my head to go on in recent months. Most recently, I had two delayed light bulb moments in my correspondences with Mentor Ali. The first had something to do with weaving in blocks, which I internalized so I can't remember what the realization was.

The second is, I just realized why she loaned me a book on double weave at our last mentoring session; it's so I could use it in my block samples. She had been saying so all along, and I had the book for over four weeks and I just returned it to her on Friday. Now I know why!

It's too late for this module, I just need to finish what I have prepared, but that's definitely a possibility next month.

I hope by now she's used to my getting back to her a month, or more, later with the right answer/reaction!

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