Incidentslly, I'm Not a New Weaver Any More

Last Wednesday, Rose Pelvin came over from Blenheim and on her long list of things to do was to look at my book/mags stash before they go to the stash sale next Sunday. Without thinking, I explained that the first couple of year's of Jean Scorgie's Weaver's Craft would be good for "new weavers", since Marlborough Weavers somehow successfully pick them up from time to time. I also said that Rose and I may not be interested in some other stuff, (can't remember what), but they may suit others and maybe be good for the Guild Library.

After Rose went left, I felt a bit strange; I'm not putting myself at the same level as Rose, oh, no! And I can't describe what type of resource gives me inspiration, but I now know what tend not to. And apparently I don't consider myself a newbie any more.



  1. Thats an extremely meaningful phrase "not being a new weaver any more". now I definately am, though I have been weaving for a year and learninng masses,particularly through my mistakes, but still definately a beginner. I believe one day i will have that realisation that I have passed through the apprenticship, but not yet....I am going to look back at your posts, I am interested in your jpurney.

  2. It just kind of slipped out, as I hadn't been thinking about this, and I continue to struggle with rather basic techniques. I must have been thinking or slowly realizing I get inspired by sources different from what I used to be inspired by when I started to weave; think this is what I meant. Although to this day one of my favorite books are the very first one I bought - Sharon Alderman's swatch book.

  3. I think, Deborah, insisting that I am/was a newbie is/was not false modesty (one of my pet pondering point) but a convenient way to shrug off the responsibility of being a non-newbie, which in tern reflects my lack of confidence and, more earnestly, my knowing my techniques requires much improvement. I'm surrounded by folks who have been weaving 20+ and 30+ years, and it was a way for me to refuse to grow up, perhaps...


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