Shall We Weave Secret Codes?

I don't know if it was meant to be a secret code, or anyone who could read music back then understood perfectly what it was, or if the carvings were intended as pure decoration, but the re-discovery of old musical notation in Scotland's Stirling Castle excites my imagination. On my To Think List goes a new item: weave a secret message, and I hope to make it a bit more mysterious than the name/alphabet drafts.

Here are pics, and here's an interpretation by a harpist of the music in the carved piece. (Thank you, Cally.)


Anonymous said...

What an amazing discovery! I love the musical interpretation as well, but wonder how close it is to the original. It reminds me of how we once thought of dinosaurs as having smooth skin, but now hear that many of them may actually have worn feathers.

Meg said...

Lovely, isn't it, and to think that they were never really hidden, but somewhere along the line people forgot what they meant.