It's Finally been Warm Enough!

Lovely reprieve from the very cold winter this weekend. The ochre is the new color, and no, it's hardly neutral, but the previous color wasn't either; I'm moving from pink/orange ivory to blue-yellow ivory. The room is not going to have the clinical, clean-lined look I wanted, primarily due to the weight of the books and notebooks, and we need to shift furnitures between this room and the bedroom. The plaster work we had redone by a so-called professional 11 years ago is so bad and we're not doing much to remedy it, but I know I'll live. I just can't wait to start using this room... Which will be in two weeks at the earliest. Yikes...

The upside is, since the house has been so cold, I've been weeding outside in the mornings, and that's been glorious, though our place is still pathetic looking...


  1. Yikes, this year has become a year where I can really do nothing right. We did a pretty bad job of painting, partially because the room is so dark even during the day, and today I can look forward to sanding down some bumps, sanding being my least favorite job in home-improvement, regardless of whether I or someone else do/es it... Yikes...

  2. Sanding is dreadful, as you say. I'm still finding little nooks and crannies with powdery dust lurking. Hang in there, you'll get into the room eventually. I'm promising myself that my house will be finished by Christmas (next Christmas, not the one after.)

  3. Honestly, I'm feeling quite defeated right about now... It. Seems to be just endless!


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