It's Not All Bad...

In fact, you might say it's great. Even though late on Sunday I really felt defeated, that there is nothing I can do right this year.

The stash room situation is bad. It's been too dark to sand or paint, so the room has been left looking as if we've just walked away for a cuppa. I hate sanding, so I might leave it until the weekend even.

But something wonderful has come out of my Textile Lunches. Not only does everybody want to keep meeting, but we loan/borrow books, swap interesting URLs, and we share lots information and impressions that may or may not influence my weaving, but are just fun to share.

Rose lent me a book on design she used when she taught textiles. Ali is mentoring me, so I'll be going through this book to learn more about design. The book looked a little too serious at first glance, (it weights a ton for a paperback for starters,) but turned out to contain some hilarious as well as informative writing. I will also be weaving samples though a book Ali will select, and to start I'm weaving plain weave samples. And I'm to continue Ronette's figure (life) drawing class as part of the "programme".

Andrea keeps loaning me interesting craft books, and not only am I enjoying them, but I now know there is a knack to buying interesting craft books that stand the test of time, but I don't know the secret yet. Rosie and I have interesting discussions about lectures and floor talks we go to, and she often gives me art-historical observations which helps me sort my information.

And we all laugh a lot at the "revolting" fashions from the past.

This side of Clare's exhibition, my friends and the Universe have conspired to unload me of the "place of weaving in textile art" and other noises and concentrate on what I'd like to make.

So, no, I have it pretty good. In fact, I have it damn good. Think positive(ly)!!

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