Monday, October 5, 2009


Finished, as best I can for the time being. Klik stays in the living room for now, and the "To Be Culled" pile in the hallways is big and unsightly. But now I use my stash.

The pictures will be hung tonight. I never liked the black and white drawing until today, when I propped it next to the others. I was going to put one of Ben's photos in it, but I think it will go up as is.

Ben's stunned I'm not putting the big bulletin boards back; for now I prefer the bare walls, (as bare as I can make them), though I have a project in mind for the wall behind the door.


  1. It does feel good to have all wools in one place; all cottons in another. All books back in the bookshelf. And I can walk into the room, rather than walk around the big pile in the middle of the room.

    Best insulated room in the house, I swear.

  2. looks good Meg! So clean and tidy. I want white walls toooo

  3. So good to know where everything is, Hope!!


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