Saturday, October 31, 2009

GST Free Weekend at M10

For you non-Kiwis, it means "no Sales Tax/VAT (12.5% here) at one of the hardware chains", meaning, a few bits and bobs to enhance my weaving environment. Although since we've discovered Bunnings, ("the lowest prices" store with no specific sale times/promos), I feel it's always prudent to compare prices for bigger stuff. I need a new ironing board because Ben tripped in my stash room mess last summer and the right side has been 15cm lower than the left ever since. But today is not that day, as Viggo Mortensen said to the New Zealand Army!

I'm sorry, I was given a free cup of coffee at Deville yesterday after lunch. I usually don't have coffee after noon, but it looked beautiful I drank it at around 2.30PM, and I swear it's still working!

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