Trying to Feel Upbeat

I've not been productive of late, begrudgingly sitting amongst my stash with an intent to sort, tidy and whatever you do after you tidy yarns. (New goal: moving back into the bedroom by October 11, after four months in the living room. Dread.)

There are plenty of lovely yarns I could play with, and I'm dedicating my four-shaft Jack loom for joy weaving with these thicker yarns, as soon as I finish the last cashmere left on it.

Yesterday Bronwyn Lloyd kindly gave me feedback on "Feel of Fibre" at Waiheke Art Gallery and through her blog, I discovered that one of my pics were used in the hardcopy invitation. With her partner Jack Ross's permission, I've downloaded the invite from his blog. Thanks!

Here are links to their beautiful blogs.
Bronwyn's blog: Mosehouse Studio (We've already seen her work here!)
Jack's blog: The Imaginary Museum (Don't you just love that name?)
Pania Press (Brownwyn and Jack's business) blog

Be careful; among other things, they are book binders. You are allowed to gaze at their pics and enjoy reading, but remember, we have too much yarn and too many looms to swap crafts now. Right?


Geodyne said...

Well done, you!

The blogs are scrumptious, aren't they? Mr. G's sister and daughter both do bookbinding and I often eye their work with avaricious eyes.

Meg said...

You are in contact with people who bind books? What a totally envious/dangerous place to be! OK, more envious than dangerous; that's the story I'm sticking to. So theoretically you can get beautiful artist's sketchbook made for you easily. Ohhhhhhh.... I'm waiting to either go to Sydney to ask Carol to make me something, OR for a friend in town to gain enough confidence she'll take my commission. Or both. (See my dreadfully envious look? I can't seem to end this comment and walk away, Geodyne.....)